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West Arundel Swim Team

Team Requirements The West Arundel Swim Team (WAST) is sponsored by the West Arundel Swim Club (WASC) and WAST uses the Pool Owned and Operated by WASC as its Primary Practice Facility during the Summer Swim Season. In order to be a member of the WAST Summer Team all Team members MUST join the West Arundel Swim Club as a Family Type Member (Includes Full Family Membership, Interim Membership, Trial Membership, Renters Membership and Sing Membership). For more information about the West Arundel Swim Club (WASC) Membership please contact: Membership Chairperson: Flo Venit at 301-725-7711. For more information about the West Arundel Swim Team (WAST) please contact: John or Cherlynn Venit at 301-725-7711.

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