West Arundel Swim Team

2016 Division C

Graduating Seniors - Thanks for the Swims and Good Luck

To Join:
Call John Venit at 301-725-7711 or inquire at the pool.
EVERYONE gets to swim, Email your questions to John

                            WEST ARUNDEL SWIM TEAM
                              MEET SCHEDULE 2016
                                                                         Meet at
Footnote   Date     Day      Opponent             Location       WA Pool
#        June 18  Saturday   Greenbelt            Greenbelt      7:00 am
#        June 25  Saturday   Ft Washington        West Arundel   7:30 am
#        July 2   Saturday   Cheverly             West Arundel   7:30 am
#        July 9   Saturday   Greenview            Greenview      7:00 am
**       July 10  Sunday     Laurel Invitational  Fairland       4:00 pm
***      July 13  Wednesday  MiniMeet             West Arundel   5:30 pm
#        July 16  Saturday   Roger Carter         Roger Carter   7:00 am
##       July 23  Saturday   Divisionals          Cheverly       7:00 am
****     July 30  Saturday   PMSL All-Stars       West Arundel   7:00 am

Key:  Prince-Mont Swim League Sponsored Meets
             WA – West Arundel Swim Team
             FW – Ft Washington
             GM – Greenbelt
             RCS – Roger Carter
             GV - Greenview
             CSR - Cheverly
             Division Champs - Divisional “C” Championship Meet
             PMSL All-Stars - Prince Mont Swim League All-Stars at West Arundel

             Other Meets – Fun Meets
             Laurel Inv - Greater Laurel Invitational Swim Meet at Fairland Aquatics Center
             Mini-Meet – Aqua-Duck Mini Meet for 10 & Under

# Regular Season Meets -- Counts toward regular season record and is important to win Division C Championship (In 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2008 West Arundel won the Divisional Title)
## Div Champ - Prince-Mont Division C Championship Meet.
+ Scrimmage Meet -- Does not count toward season record – To Be Scheduled
** Laurel Invitational -- At least two (maybe three) swimmers per event will represent West Arundel at this meet.
*** Aqua-Duck Mini Meet – We sponsor this “Mini Meet” is for swimmers aged 10 and under only.  Swimmers will swim against other swimmers their own age.
**** PMSL All-Stars - Winners of events in the Divisional Meet are invited to swim in the PMSL All-Stars Meet.  Other swimmers are invited on the basis of times in comparison to all times in the PMSL

Be a Part of a winning team - Join the West Arundel Swim Team today!!!

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Also find Top Times for all swimmers in the League.
PMSL Swim Page

The Washington Post has developed a website that focuses on swimming. It will include results and articles about local swimming. See our times listed with other area leagues times.

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